Five Heart Healthy Foods

by admin on June 16, 2012

01310573620_a-healthy-lifestyle.jpgEveryone knows that the heart is a vital organ. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore this simple, but important fact when deciding what foods to eat. Heart disease is extremely prevalent in today’s society and also plays a hand in thousands of deaths every day in this country. Today, let’s talk about five foods that are good for you, and good for your heart.
The first food is blueberries. Blueberries are delicious and easy to find. They may be purchased fresh or frozen from a local grocery store or from vendors at a farmer’s market. They are rich in antioxidants, which do a number of things. These antioxidants help to decrease the bad cholesterol, also known as LDL that lines artery walls and may eventually cause stroke and heart disease. And, they also help to counteract the harmful effects of “free radicals” in the body that may contribute to certain diseases/disorders such as cancer.
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Healthy Natural Food

Everyone has access to healthy natural food but so many choose unhealthy alternatives. This is so ridiculous because healthy food is better in so many ways. It is more filling, sustaining, tastier, and better for your health. Looking For Heart Healthy Food? Then Read the Label

When you are doing the weekly shop, take the time to read the labels on the tins and packets. Lots of foods have the words “Low Fat” or “Reduced Sugar” in large letters across the front of them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good for your heart. Try having a look at the small print, the little box somewhere that will list the amount of each ingredient as an amount per 100 grams. Healthy Diet Foods

Eating healthy is important for nurturing the areas of the body. Healthy diet foods should be chosen in lieu of processed foods in order to allow all organs to work properly, Eating healthy promotes good circulation, healthy skin, as well as the overall well being of the individual. If you already have been living off unhealthy processed foods, it is not too late to improve your diet in order to improve your overall health. Keep Your Heart Healthy by Eating Proper Meals

It is not a surprise to many that you can maintain a healthy heart by just consuming a proper and wholly balanced diet. And this means that your diet should have lots of fruits and vegetables. These…A one-cup serving per day of blueberries is sufficient.
The second food is salmon. This may be bought fresh or frozen. And, it can be cooked so many different ways, such as broiled, baked, or grilled. Farm raised fish is generally deemed not as safe as wild fish due to the pesticides found in the food that is given to farm raised fish. Salmon is considered heart healthy due to the increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to help decrease triglycerides in the body, which are thought to be one of the many factors causing heart disease. A 4 oz. serving of salmon twice a week is considered enough to receive the benefit of omega-3.
The third addition to a heart healthy diet is soy protein.
Soy protein has so much to offer: vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. It is considered a great replacement for red meats because it is low fat and high fiber. The American Heart Association recommends eating 1 oz. of soy protein a day. Soy protein is found in soybeans, soy milk, tofu, and much more.
Oatmeal is the fourth food. Good, old-fashioned oatmeal. It is simple, easy, and cheap. A half-cup serving of oatmeal is only around 130 calories, and contains about 5 grams of fiber. It is extremely low in fat. This combination helps to lower cholesterol and can aid in lowering body weight. The average adult should take in anywhere from 21 to 38 grams of dietary fiber a day. Actually, if a person wanted to, they could combine three of the five hearts healthy foods listed here for a very healthy, hearty breakfast. One could combine a serving of fresh blueberries, a serving of vanilla soy protein, and a serving of oatmeal for a true heart healthy breakfast.
The fifth and final food is spinach. It is chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Spinach is truly versatile. It may be eaten as a salad, or cooked as a side dish. Spinach is a great replacement for lettuce when making a salad or sandwich. This too, is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. It may be purchased frozen or fresh, depending on its use.
To conclude, a healthy heart is a happy heart. A happy heart is a healthier person. It is so easy to make minor changes to one’s diet, and mostly inexpensive. Soy protein, spinach, salmon, oatmeal, and blueberries are a wonderful edition to a heart healthy diet.

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